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2:00 am and blog. about before armageddon, get the news before before the world blows up. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: across the nation, tonight, i want to talk you to a little bit about un unsustainbility. it can't go on this way. it is our debt. the dollar. your children's future. the deficit. i want to show you this here so you have a framework of what we're going to talk about this hour. we are now at $12 trillion, $12 trillion. but just so you know -- that's our national debt. it is like a credit card. it is the accumulation of the deficit. it is at $11.99 trillion and we rounded it to $12 trillion. if you think i'm bashing
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president obama, you're wrong a lot of this came up under george w. bush. our national debt, the credit card we had in 2002 was $5.98 trillion. we're almost at $12 trillion. we have doubled the debt in 7 and a half years from $6 trillion to $12 trillion in the blink of an eye. how long did it take to get the first $6 trillion? do you want to guess? the first $6 trillion? we go back to 1995. i don't know why i stopped there, ok, here it is, the reagan years, it had to be there, right, that we spend all that money, right? 1968, the great society, that would have been great. 1945, the end of world war ii? no, no. how about 1930, the great depression? huh? no. i'm out of chalkboard. can we get some tape. this may take a second.
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so right now the producers are, like, he's in the dark. get some light on him! really? i look better in the dark. ask my wife. all right. so it's not here, because this is about -- i'd say this is about 1865, right around the end of the civil war. nope, that's not it. how about here, you know, maybe in the thomas jefferson years? >> nope, nope, not even in the thomas jefferson years. no, it's crazy. we have to go all the way back. we're going to stop in 1791. 1791 is where we have to stop. that's not the founding of our country, no, no, but this is
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our first debt, the actual founding of our country was a couple years before. 1791. follow this. 1791. 1800. civil war. turn of the century. the great depression. world war ii. the great society, ronald reagan. 1995. 2002. and we still weren't at $6 trillion. now, follow this with me. watch this. this should blow your mind. here we go. where we estimate it to be next year -- $14 trillion. that's progress for ya. these are credit cards. we're spending ourself into oblivion. there is going to be nothing left. i want to show you a video, something that somebody sent to me last week.
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it's from cnbc. i don't know, this guy -- i don't know anything about this guy that's being interviewed. we did some checking on him and i will give you his bio in seafnlgtdz he is not crazy. he may be wrong but he is not crey disism he was on cnbc's asia squawk box. i was dumbfounded because the host didn't say -- wait, what? i have never heard anyone on television say this before. watch this. >> oil looks higher. gold looks higher. currencies look weak weaker, all for the reasons we talked about before. you have huge wage disparities. i don't know how that resolves itself. it may resolve itself in some type of a global currency crisis, and then if the global currency crisis unfolds, then unestbly you get, i guess, an alignment an alignment under a global government, a new global currency and a new world order.
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we may be moving towards. that >> what is the currency crisis? what will happen to the dollar >> well, it assumes that the dollar will utterly get destroyed and become virtually worthless. glenn: again, i can't take it! i can't take to it. talk to me about this currency crisis. did i hear it wrong? play a snippet again. what did he say? >> if the global currency crisis unfolds, then inevitably you get, i guess, an alignment under a global world government, a new global currency, and a new world order. >> he just said the dollar would collapse and get some kind of global currency. have you read the drudge report today?
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china is saying you may want to rethink the healthcare thing, it seems expensive that. is our bank! that is like your bank calling and saying i think your a spending too much money, that's a pretty big house f we burn this bank and they don't give us any more loans, there is nobody else left. a one-currency world order. apparently that's not shocking to anybody anymore or they're not listening. on the scales of insane things, i just want to show you what we skipped past. ready? put it up here. we're in a recession now. people argue we're not in a recession. we're in a deep recession. we're on the edge of a depression because of what we're doing. we have skipped a deep recession and skipped depression, even great depression. we went right to the collapse of the dollar and then to global currency, one world government and a new world order, like that.
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gosh, i think i would have said, you know, as the host, what did you just say? i invited -- because they're not going to do it on cnbc, i thought i would invite damon vickers, managing partner of nine points capital partners on to the program. damon, what did you just say? >> well, you know, the trends that are in place are disturbing. i mean, you make great points. i mean, we have a momentum, and the momentum is the weak dollar. it's something that the current administration is in favor of, printing money is also something that they're in favor of, because nobody wants to face the consequences of not having to live indulgently, not only americans but the government as well. glenn: can we get this out of money talk, because this isn't
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cnbc. >> where's ma e ya? where's maria? glenn: let's bring this down to everybody's level of understanding. what is happening here is the government is blaming us and saying that we won't live within our means as a society, but they're just promising us this stuff and telling us no, no, first during the bush years, you don't have to worry about the debt. yes, you do! now they're saying we should worry about the debt, but, oh, no, we're not even close. i look at the drudge report. i look at the websites, the financials, i read bloomberg. i read the financial times. you can't tell me there isn't signal after signal after signal. last i saw was from china on the healthcare. japan said we used to be a country of innovators, and now we're just a protection. i mean, how come it's only you saying these things? >> well, i'm not beholden to
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an investment banking firm that has the honored position of distributing government paper. in terms that everybody can understand, when we look at goldman sachs and jpmorgans that were the recipient of so much financial love, they distribute government paper. they distribute the debt to the planet, so of course we had to keep those interests in check. we've got serious problems. i mean, the debt is a problem. it doesn't seem to be a problem to bernanke. notice his comments yesterday that he is happy to see the dollar weak and they're not all that concerned. the problem is, as we see it, is that there are huge disparities in the cost of production for american goods versus the cost of production in the bangledesh and india or vietnam. these people make money. they get paid what, some of them what, 70 cents, a dollar
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a day, 20 cents an hour, incredible wages. these are servants, really, just living outside of the country, yet we also domestically have to employ people to produce things because not everybody can appear on the glenn beck show. i mean, people in ohio and michigan need to do something. a lot of it involves labor. glenn: but what everybody is saying now and this is what global labor is saying is that we will be able to bring the world up to our standard. no, they're not. that's not possible. what we are doing right now is we are spending ourselves into oblivion. it is -- are you familiar with the cloward piven strategy? >> no. it sounds great. glenn: no, it doesn't. you got to look this up, because you would understand this. look up the cloward piven strategy. it is a radical marxist idea that came out of columbia university, and i'm telling you, damon, it's being
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employed right now, and the idea is you want to change the culture in america? you want to change the government? you want to overthrow the constitution? you don't do it with guns or anything like that. if you want a redistribution of wealth, what you do is you collapse the system, and then it has to restart. well, that's what is happening. they are overwhelming it. >> i know there are a lot of conspiracy theories are out there. i had the benefit of doing the alex jones last night and i heard a couple of them. i'm not disputing that many of them may be true, but market forces are likely to take -- glenn: you don't need a conspiracy theory r >> but market forces are likely to take us there anyway. the dollar is way too high. other currencies are way too low, so what you're likely to see is a realignment of currencies. glenn: say this in terms that people understand. a realignment of currencies doesn't mean anything. what it does mean is that you will live closer to the
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standard of mexico than you are of america when they realign the currencies. correct? >> yes. that would be accurate. our debts are simply too huge. there is no possible way that our labor forces can compete globally on a production cost basis, when if you or i, glenn, were to come up with a brilliant idea, an ah-ha, i got something, something billy mays may be prout of, maybe we would make it here, but many people don't. when they come up with great ideas, they immediately make them in the philippines, bang bangledesh or mexico that. didn't happen in the past. in the past, we had a 15, 20-year period where we created employment in this country. as of this moment, when great technologies come along that innovate society, that really create an adoption cycle, an investment cycle, a bull market and economic expansion, those things we're all talking about, they're not likely to
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land on these shores. the benefits are likely to be made overseas in emerging markets. beyond that, we don't have anything to export. we don't have oim. oil. we are threat consumers and net importers of our food. we don't have anything to export. we export promises and debt, and inevitably, those two roads shall meet and with the weakness of the dollar on a daily basis and the breakout on gold, it may be that we're moving towards it now. glenn: america, how does this not make sense to you? i mean, this is the way it would work in your home. how does this not make sense? how is it that we're still talking about insane things, instead of doing this, instead of america having this conversation of look, look me in the eye, will you live a tough lifestyle right now? will you -- you've got to eventually pay the debt. it's immoral to pass all of this on. would you pay and live without
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government freebies? you got to work. you got to scratch. it's going to mean we live like our grandparents if we do it now. you know what? that's fine. ly do that if my children still have an america at the end of it, but damon, correct me if i'm wrong. if we don't get out of this, this thing will spiral out of control, and it will become -- they will push it up to a bigger, a higher power. well, america is too big to fail. got to make it into a one-world government, right? yeah, that's exactly how it would unfold. you said something brilliant a second ago, which was about indulgence and about not facing the truth. we are a society -- we are a society that i believe for the most part medicates ourselves. how do we do that? with alcohol, drugs, with bad television programs, not yours, but they dull the senses. we medicate ourselves. we take short-term impulsive fixes of buying things that we
2:15 am
don't need, and we have accumulated so much. how many homes, how many cars, how many bangles of jewelry? i mean, we're choking on it. we're a society that has become a society where literally we stuff the macaroni and cheese in our bodies and take out equity lines of credit to suck the fat out of our neck. that is insane. this is craziness. glenn: now, listen, i don't know about you, but i don't have a problem with wealth. i don't have a problem with -- >> me either. glenn: good, good. because i want to make that clear. but when you are putting it on a credit card, which is what our country is doing, it becomes insane. i believe that we will be remembered in the history books only one of two ways -- this generation and this time period, right now, we are making history. we will either be looked back on as the dumbest people ever to be on the face of the earth, the most clueless greedy obscene stupid people,
2:16 am
or we are going to be looked back on as heroes, because we decided to do the tough thing and live within our means! and know what that means, gang. it means we're going to have our grandparents' depression nightmares, but they made it, and they were better for it. if you just want to ignore it, you know what? you're exactly right. we do medicate ourselves all the time. we medicate ourselves, and just as a recovering alcoholic, the media is the enabler. the politicians are the enabler. what they will do over and over, they will say we don't have a problem, that's not happening. that's an enabler. get away from the enablers. root yourself in the truth. i will tell you something in just a second. i'm, i'm going to look you in the eye this saturday and we're going to have a frank conversation one on one in person at a free event in florida.
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this saturday, and i'm going to tell you what the plan is, because i ain't taking this anymore. this is insane to live this way. i'm going to be in the history books and i think you are, are too. i'll see you saturday in florida at the villages. i'll give you more information on that coming up. air in your e two to five times more polluted than the air outside. smoke, germs, viruses, allergens, pet dander, even smelly and potentially harmful voc compounds can actually be floating in the air you're breathing! but now you can clean that air with the incredible oreck xl professional air purifier, and bring fresher, cleaner air into your home. call now for no interest and no payments for one-year! the secret to oreck's effectiveness is its patented truman cell filter. only oreck has it. the oreck air purifier constantly moves the air in the room through its powerful six-stage filtration system. its electrostatic plates capture many impurities
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gliep we're doing a special -- sorry, it's hot in here. either that or my temper is rising. we are doing a special on the insanity of the economy. i want to tell you who the real culprit is. the real culprit is the federal reserve. they were supposed to save us and even us out. this is what they do for a living. they create bubbles. let me take you through a few of the last few. we had the savings and loan and they saved us. the '80's led to the failure of 747 savings and loans institutions. the ultimate cost of the crisis to have totalled about $160 billion. they rolled that -- save, save -- they rolled that into the tech bubble. when this burst happened at the end of the '90's, the dot com crash wiped out $5 trillion in market value of
2:22 am
tech companies from plarch 2000 to october 2002, and then what did we do? we had september 11, and we lowered -- the fed came in and lowered the interest rates. our government said buy, buy, buy, do your patriotic duty and spend. and we had the housing bubble. let me show you exactly how this works. this is the way you create a bubble. you create the housing bubble like this. you start with problems, and so the government, the fed, they come in, and they say, here, you know what we're going to do? we're going to give you all kinds of stuff. notice barack obama and joj w. bush and these two guys -- i'm telling you, our forefathers, our forefathers would have gotten a bucket of feathers. these four people now, they have been pushing and pushing and pushing, hey, we're
2:23 am
going to help. we're going to lower the standards at the banks, give loans to people who can't afford them. banks had to find creative ways to make it happen, otherwise they would go out of business under pressure. others were greedy. standards were relaxed. no downpayments, adjustable loans, don't even need identification. i was on the air when those clowns were saying that. i said dear god, don't do this, please. when the interest rate goes up, you won't be able to afford the house. guess what? they did, unfavorable lending, boom, unqualified buyers, fed had to increase the interest rates and the homeowners all defaulted. massive disclosures. it's not a scam. we were there. but yet we don't accept the blame. we have to push the blame someplace else and never on the people that were responsible -- the fed and the politicians! no one forced us to get the loans we couldn't afford.
2:24 am
we did t we're involved as well. we're just too tempted by the lure of a bigger house. there was no restraint. please, america, can we have some restraint? can we deserve the country that we have inherited? about two years ago, when people were just starting to find out about how the adjustable rate loans could be, i warned about a final bubble that this government was going to create and they're doing it! i called it the money bubble. nor real ra rabin calls it the asset bubble. david buckner is here with us from columbia university. >> good to see you. glenn: you also are a fortune 500 strategist and consultant and all of that. ok. so tell me, it is the same process as this, but you recognize that we had a problem and that's not uncommon, but the level we're
2:25 am
out, $38,000 per man, woman and child in america -- glenn: hang on a second. because we borrowed and we couldn't afford it, they backed it. they couldn't afford it and now they go to other countries to borrow. now they're going beyond borrowing. er thisser they're going in to cover this. >> and with that borrowing, the fed is lowering the interest rates. there is an interesting thing that is happening here. as the fed is lowering interest rates, the government is coming around and saying fine, we will get the lower interest rates and the fed has an interest to do so to protect the government. they are coordinating this, unlike any other time in history, where they have been separate entities, the government now is increasing spending on money borrowed that the fed is providing. glenn: then what we have here, so we have have the elected officials. they have pushed unfavorable lending. here they are just pushing favorable lending for themselves to get more money.
2:26 am
we are an unqualified borrower, wouldn't you say? >> that's right. glenn: they are have lowered the interest rates. we have borrowed more, same part -- >> by the way, investors are doing the same thing. they're saying if i can borrow at zero and go overseas an invest at 5%, i am carrying over -- it is called carry trade -- i'm carrying over the opportunity to make money by doing nothing. glenn: because our dollar is losing value. take the dollar, turn it into sterling -- >> that's great example of it. glenn: a so you actually -- >> so so the return will be worth a lot less. i am making an asset increase by doing nothing. glenn: then we have inflation. that is coming at some point. >> it is happening at either way. glenn: the fed will then raise the interest rate. >> they are going to have to. he said yesterday, i don't see
2:27 am
the future -- i don't see increasing interest rates for a season, for a year even, but the second they do, what happens? as soon as the free money is gone, you can't get it anymore. what happens to your assets? you're going to have to pay back that money. glenn: if you borrowed it, you have to pay it back. there's a difference. when we had the housing bubble, we had an orderly exit. we had these interest rates being reset over a period of five years so we could say the bad borrowers are in trouble a year from now and a year from now, the next bubble will burst and two years from now -- >> people were saying i smell smoke and a little more smoke. by the time they saw the fire we were two years down the road. this one, you won't see smoke, it will be a flameout. glenn: is this why bernanke came out yesterday and said we're not worried about the falling dollar, we're not going to raise the interest rates, which is unusual, is it not? >> his job is to protect
2:28 am
against inflation but it is historic that he said that. he a government spokesperson now. >> a stooge. he is saying don't worry about the interest rates going up, because once people fear the interest rates going up, this bubble bursts. >> this bursts and they run to the doors, but the number one player here is the government. they're going to be the first one out. glenn: everybody else is lost? >> they are have to be second. second is not good in a fire. they're going to have to be. glenn: what is left after this? did you hear our first guest? >> yes, yes. bubbles are not uncommon. we have bubbles all the time. but when the markets are playing against each other with the bubble, we call it equilibrium when it hits. when the government, the judge and jure i is, playing as a player, you have no backstop. there is no one to turn to. there is no police officer to break up the battle. they're now throwing punches. that's a problem. glenn: so do you see a possibility of what he said was coming, bought what he said was coming was the dollar
2:29 am
will collapse. you will be forced -- and this is what i feel is happening -- we will be pushed -- they will say america is too big to fail. england is too big to fail. it will be the same as the housing. >> it is going to be on a global basis. the question is will china, england, europe, our trading partners at that time believe we're too big to fail. they're turning it to goldite now. glenn: won't they be in the same situation? >> they will feel the domino but the question is will they let us go down because they have taken out of dollars and gone into gold. glenn: there it is, massive debt, massive government intervention. it is time for massive innovation, but the good news is that's what america does best. next.
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for "special report," but now, back to glenn.
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glenn: america, i want you to please, please, please, pass this show on to your friends and neighbors. pass this onto internet. you will find it at please pass this show on to friends. republicans, democrats, just americans, americans, please, just use the noodle for a second. i know a lot of the news networks are getting a thrill up their leg because the dow crossed 10,000, but show me what's changed. show me what's been good about that. none of this recovery is real. remember what i just showed you about the bubbles? well, we have another bubble coming our way, right now, the money bubble. this one is global. so what we facing in the world? well, england, they're in trouble. they just expanded their money printing program because, quote, at least it's doing something. well, there's logic for you. coincidentally, they also had
2:36 am
a 1.5% inflation jump, expected to go up another 3%. japan's debt burden will climb twice the size of their economy next year. ukraine, the g.d.p. just dropped almost 16%. greece is in their first recession in 16 years. the list goes on and on and on. i mean, we have our problems. our national debt is on an incredible rise. look at this! in 2000, it was $5.7 trillion. 2004, $7.5 trillion. 2008 $8.6. from january until now, it is $12 trillion. we're not slowing down. next year's projected, $14.4 till on! trillion! you can't even get your arm around that number. let me give you perspective -- the total -- and i sent this back three times because i couldn't believe this number. the total combined profits, including the losses, for all
2:37 am
fortune 500 companies last year, all 500, you take the loss, and you gather them together, what do you have, the big pile of money at the end, what do you have at the end? $98.8 billion. the government would have to take 100% of the fortune 500's profits every year for 145 years to pay this off! now, i remind you, that's not all the unfunded liabilities because this number is bogus. there's another set of books. the eel number is $105 trillion dollars! if you took out the companies that lost money, if you just looked at every dollar that they took in, that leaves $619 billion in profits of all 500. it ain't going to pay off this debt. you're not going to pay off this one, and yet, we just keep spending.
2:38 am
we just think we deserve it. money fair is are going to fly out of everybody's rump! what is wrong with us? you already know about the trillions of stimulus in tarp but it doesn't end there, no, no, no. food and drug station, up 19% this year, 3.2 billion dollars, housing and urban development, up 18%, department of education, 13%, environmental protection agency, 35%, up $11 billion. the postal service got a $4 billion bailout to pay for the retire year retires healthcare coverage. how many signs do we need? even the chinese officials asked the president during his visit, how are you going to pay for this healthcare thing? don't they understand the president promised us it would be deficit neutral. at least 8 american states, including california, new york, new jersey, are in a deep financial crisis! these states are going to collapse if we don't stop.
2:39 am
state pensions, they're underfunded. unfunded liabilities, social security, medicare, $106.8 trillion. sorry, es guess that $105 trillion is wrong. it is $106.8 trillion. we have increased the printing of our money -- look at this -- by 120% in the past 12 months! unemployment is at 10.2% andizing. we cannot sustain this path. this is insane! oh, yeah, i know, it is glenn beck, what does he know? fine. i want to be wrong. don't take it from me. take it from the c.b.o.'s director. this is the congressional budget office, the director, non-partisan, listen to this, our main accountant. fiscal policy is on an unsustainable path to an extent that cannot be solved by minor tinkering. the country faces a fundamental disconnect between the services, the people
2:40 am
people expect the government to provide." i don't expect the government to provide anymore! i want them to stop! even the c.b.o. director doesn't think it is sustainable. this is our accountant. shouldn't we listen to them? we just showed you proof last night. gallup poll, for the first time in history, you know it in your gut, america, stand up! be proud of yourself! for the first time in history, the gallup poll showed that a majority of people don't think it's the government's right or responsibility to provide healthcare. but that's not what the president says, no, no, no. >> only government can bake the psych can break the cycles that are crippling our economy. glenn: only the government can continue this cycle! after it doesn't work, they will say ok, we didn't have enough. it is global problem. the u.n. is the answer. i don't know who the answer is, but you and i know that is not true. the answer is not them.
2:41 am
they're the problem. the answer is you. you can't even control them. but you can control yourself. this saturday, i am going to florida. all next year, this show is changing next year. we are moving forward, because i'm tired of it. we are going to unsail a plan this saturday -- we are going to unsail a plan this saturday. i will be at villages in florida. i will bring it to you on television if you can't be there. i want to look people in the eye and see your commitment back. coming this january, my whole approach changes on this program. there is a problem here, america, and i don't care what people say about me. personal responsibility is dead in this country. it is time that we hit the little paddles and bring the body back. people refuse in washington to be held accountable for their actions. we pass the blame instead of accepting it. get responsible! accept the blame or give the blame where it belongs.
2:42 am
get out of debt yourself. the time for reckless spend something over. they don't get it in washington, but you must, you must get it in your own house. there is no easy way out of this. i saw a recent article titled "america is losing its innovative edge." no, we haven't! we just have a giant government foot stuck on our windpipe. they're trying to protect us from failure, but failure is good. as we are seeing, it is only only -- stopping us failing is only creating a bigger failure that is going to wipe everything out. we must econ next with the things that are real, the things you grew up knowing are true, the things our grandparents taught us, the things our grandparents taught us to never forget, the lessons they learned in the great depression. when we learn those things, we're going to be able to innovate our way out of this mess. it is going to be a bumpy i'd but we can do it and we can
2:43 am
help each other, not because the government tells us to, but because we're neighbors and americans. i saw a great bumper sticker the other day. it said "when the people lead, the leaders will follow." let me quote that bumper sticker philosophy. i will see you at the villages in florida saturday at 3:00. you don't have to spend a dime. it's free.
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glenn: america, this is what we need more of, but unfortunately, this is dangerous for a lot of people, so you have to read between the lines. i told you about the spending. now, who is pushing the healthcare? we told you about the purple people, seiu. i want to show you something from 2008. it is the head of the service employees international union. what did he say while he was in port eco-?
2:48 am
truth. watch this. >> i pledge we will, before the next convention, proudly join our canadian brothers and sisters to be a nation that guarantees affordable healthcare for every man, woman and child. isn't it time? isn't it time? isn't it time we do that? i pledge -- i pledge to restore the american dream bypassing the employee free choice, and helping millions, millions of workers join our movement. our pledge will begin to win quality services in our community, and finally create a pathway to citizenship for all the hard working immigrants in our country, all that we saw earlier today. they deserve something better from america than to hide in the shadows in our country! glenn: you tell me, america, we have been talking about it's too expensive to do
2:49 am
business here in america. how is government healthcare, union labor and everything else, how is that going to help us? how is that going to help us? and he was promising the healthcare, and then, yeah, restoring the american dream and giving it to illegal immigrants. this is the man who has the ear of the president 22 times in the president's office at the white house! 22 visits, more than anybody else. i think hillary clinton visited the white house four times. 22 for mr. andy stern. his tackics, next.      
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2:53 am
glenn: mark mckinnon is spokesman for the workforce fairness institute. mark, we don't have time to do the -- i love this memo. we will have you back on that. i want to talk to you about the goals of seiu and do they mirror america. i mean, what is it that america needs to know about seiu? i keep think of exxon, kept walking through the office 22 times with george w. bush, people would have gone crazy, but seiu, for some people it doesn't bother people. >> well, here is the big picture. american labor is losing membership, which means
2:54 am
they're losing money and they're desperate. like a drowning man, they're looking for anything to keep them afloat, so they've got first of all, the labor bail out bill which is the employees forced choice act and they went around and spent $330 million electing barack obama in exchange to take away the vote for the secret ballot of employees and force arbitration upon workers upon work owners in america, and it's a hostile takeover of american business, and it's nothing other than a bailout bill for labor. andy stern -- glenn: it's not only that, but also in the healthcare bill, all the stuff that they promised to workers that they can't afford. >> it's all about more membership, glenn. they've got to have more members to get more money to bail out their pension funds or they're going down or they're going down because they haven't been competitive and they need government to
2:55 am
bail them out. the idea that a prominent member of labor would be in the white house 22 times -- like you said, imagine if a corporate c.e.o. from exxon or pharma had been in there 22 times. the only person who has been in there more times than andy stern is rahm e man iewvment glenn: i don't know if you saw at beginning of the show, but we are spending ourselves into oblivion. andy stern is talking about it. it is a global community now. when you have a global community and you have unions, you're not going to be able to have the cost of living or cost of creating a product in america global. you're going to have to reverse it and bring our standard of living down. these guys, they either don't get it, which i don't believe for a second, or their agenda, they don't care about the standard of living in america. >> i think they want to drag the standard of living down. they would like for all the companies in america to be like the auto companies in detroit f they have their way,
2:56 am
that's what will happen. they dloa on legacy costs, labor costs, pension costs and we're uncompetitive with the rest of the world. we're having tough economic times already as it
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
glenn: thank you for watching, america. don't forget, come to see me saturday at the villages in florida. i will show you a plan of what is to come. from new york, good night, america.

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